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I've been working on triaging papercuts and lately other bugs too.
I've usually been asking folks in #ubuntu-bugs to set the Importance
level on bugs. 
I figured it's time I got around to applying for Bug Control.

* Do you promise to be polite to bug reporters even if they are rude to
you or Ubuntu?

* Have you signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct? 

* Have you read Bugs/HowToTriage, Bugs/Assignment, Bugs/Status and
Bugs/Importance? Do you have any questions about that documentation? 

Yes , I've read the wiki pages. I don't have any questions.

* What sensitive data should you look for in a private Apport crash
report bug before making it public? See Bugs/HowToTriage for more

Apport crash bugs may contain sensitive data like passwords, bank
account numbers, CSS keys, etc.. If it doesnt have any sensitive data it
may be marked as public.

* Is there a particular package or group of packages that you are
interested in helping out with? 

Yes , Humanity[As I'm part of the humanity icon team] and the artwork
packages are my main interest. 
Nautilus , gtk+ , empathy usability issues [As I come across these
often ,being part of the papercutters team]

* Please list five or more bugs which you have triaged. These bugs
should demonstrate your understanding of the triage process and how to
properly handle bugs. If there is a bug in your list that does not have
an importance indicate what importance you would give it after becoming
a member of Ubuntu Bug Control. Please use urls in your list of bugs.

A list of the most recent bugs , I'v triaged:

2. https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/503330

3. https://bugs.launchpad.net/network-manager-applet/+bug/439864

4. https://bugs.launchpad.net/network-manager-applet/+bug/496096



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