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Campus Party LoCO Team participation


Hi everyone,

I was wondering about other LoCO Teams opinion about participating in
Campus Party [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campus_Party] for those who
don't know this is a public event sponsored by private companies.

We'd participated in previous versions of this event with plenty of
conferences and "campuseros" enjoying the week, but this time they're
asking us to sign a contract between the sponsors and the community

One of the contract stipulations requires us to send at least 3 mails to
our community members (2000+ people) during a year with information related
to the Sponsor.

Any other LoCo has participated in Campus Party?

Have you ever need to sign a contract with the community itself?

Would it be legal to do so?

Should we consult with Canonical Lawyers?

Thanks for your insights and thoughts about this situation.

Best Regards,

Andres Mujica
on behalf Ubuntu Colombia