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Community Council will do team catch-ups


Hello everybody,

at UDS we held a Ubuntu Leadership mini summit. In many conversations we
realised that we always wanted to have more cooperation and coordination
between our governance bodies and leadership teams. Most teams are
generally doing a good job, but we felt it's a good idea to get together
and sync up every now and then. This will help us refine common best
practices, identify common issues and maintain a better overview over
our community generally.

Just to give you an idea of what we might want to talk about as part of
our Community Council meetings, these things might be interesting:

 * things that are really working out well and you're proud of,
 * review team reports together,
 * outstanding things and plans for the near future,
 * things you and your team are discussing right now, want to get input
   on from a broader audience,
 * questions you might have.

I put this preliminary schedule together (working around Christmas
holidays and May Day). If your team/board can't make it, just let us
know and we'll move it to some other time.

 06.12.2011  Edubuntu Council
 20.12.2011  forum-council
 17.01.2012  Kubuntu Council
 07.02.2012  Ubuntu Developer Membership Board
 21.02.2012  Ubuntu IRC Council
 06.03.2012  Ubuntu LoCo Council
 20.03.2012  Ubuntu Membership Board - Americas
 03.04.2012  Ubuntu Membership Board - Asia/Oceania
 17.04.2012  Ubuntu Membership Board - EMEA
 08.05.2012  Ubuntu Technical Board

We hope this will help us coming closer together and doing an even
better job in general. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Have a great day,

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