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Re: The latest and greatest in reporting ...


On 10/19/2011 04:01 PM, Brian Murray wrote:
On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 07:21:02AM -0700, Brad Figg wrote:
I have created some of the reports for the QA team, the
release manager and the hardware enablement team. I've
pulled all of this scripting together into a single, small
source repository.

   git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/bradf/ubuntu-bug-report-kit

I only know enough git to copy and paste this command, so I don't have a
fix for something I noticed.  In rls-mgr-p-tracking you seem to be
searching for Incomplete bugs however searching for Incomplete now
returns no bugs[1].  You can workaround this by searching for Incomplete
with and without response.

Thanks, I don't mind taking bug reports like this.

Some of the latest improvements:
   1. I've fixed up the two css themes that I use so the
      "light" theme looks just as good (if not better)
      than the "dark" theme. I actually prefer the light
      theme myself now.

   2. I'm particularly happy with a new filtering tab that
      I've added to the reports. This allows the user to
      easily filter out parts of the report that they are
      not interested in. For an example, look at:

That's really cool.

Now, this code still doesn't match up with certain coding
standards and probably works differently that some people
would like but it's doing what I want it to and if you can
make use of any of it or any of the ideas, you are welcome
to do so.

The kernel reports are not generated using this code. I'd
like it to and hope to eventually migrate it to here but
that code is older and a little more fragile so I've not
taken the time to move it over and give it the rework that
it needs. I'd like to have all my reports generated using
mako template (which I really like and are part of the
default install).

[1] http://launchpad.net/bugs/872496

Brian Murray

Brad Figg brad.figg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx http://www.canonical.com