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Re: Update


Hi all,

First, I'd like to apologise for not showing up to the meeting today on
time (I was about 2 hours late...) and its completely my fault that
we've got no where in a while... but I was thinking, why don't we just
use to mailing list to discuss the bulk of this... then we don't have to
worry so much about timezones and all getting together at once, but then
we all still get a fair say, and we can all read each others opinions.

We can still have monthly or whenever IRC meetings, if we need or want
them, just this takes a lot of pressure off... So anyway, I'll follow up
this email with a set of emails bulking out what I was going to discuss
on each topic I put on the agenda (I do believe someone else added
something, and I'll leave it up to them to send that in)

The Awful Timekeeping chair,
-- Lewis Cawte