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Hi all,

We haven't had a meeting or anything in a while (the last one only me
and someone else showed up to :/), and thats mostly my fault, as I've
had no internet connection, or I've been away then forgotten to organise
one, and put it this way, if we're not achieving something decent by the
end of this year, someone else can chair!

The agenda is basicly the same, with a few additional things... I really
want to get this kickstarted again within the next few months... and I'm
going to be starting on the website (welcoming all helping hands) soon...

Meeting Details:

    * When: Saturday 17th September 2011 - 19:00UTC
    * Where: #ubuntu-gaming on irc.freenode.net

Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GamingTeam/Meetings/Minutes/2011-09-17
Last Meetings Logs:

Thanks, and I hope I can see you all there!

-- Lewis Cawte

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