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Is it possible to include Totem/Videos 3.6 ?


I just tried to purge 'ppa:ricotz/testing', Totem/Videos is reverted back
to version 3.4 and Gstreamer back to version 0.10 only.

Gstreamer 1.0 is avaiable from 'Universe'
scroll down and you'll see it )

If I add 'ppa:ricotz/testing' I get Totem/Videos 3.6 and the new Gstreamer
1.0 ( from Universe ), but Gstreamer is not upgraded and therefore I have
both Gstreamer 0.10 and Gstreamer 1.0 installed at the same time ( what a
mess )
Any explanation to, why Gstreamer is not upgraded ?

Would it be possible to make the 'ubuntu-gnome' meta package depend on or
allow upgrading to the new Gstreamer 1.0 ?
That would allow us to use Totem/Videos 3.6