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Plymouth Theme


Hello all,

I am just working o a Plymouth theme for Ubuntu GNOME Remix and I
would like to hear your opnions.

Attached is image with initial idea. Personally I do prefer blue color
but since we are going to be very upstream the we must use this gray
colors with "noise" pattern (same used on Gnome Shell lock screen).

## Other  options for logo:

1. Remove Ubuntu logo and use GNOME foot logo.
2. Keep "Ubuntu" logo work but use a "foot" inside the circle.
3. Keep it as it is now and wait form some new ideas.

## Package

For the package name, right now I am using:


And for source package I have a modified version of
"ubuntu-gnome-default-settings" like Kubuntu does. Other option is to
create a "ubuntu-gnome-artwork" like Xubuntu and Lubuntu. What do you
guys think is better?

Last question. Do we have time to include the on 12.10 if finished this week?


Everaldo Canuto
+55 11 981-141-805 | everaldo.canuto@xxxxxxxxx

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