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Re: Plymouth Theme


On 17 September 2012 12:36, Everaldo Canuto <everaldo.canuto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am just working o a Plymouth theme for Ubuntu GNOME Remix and I
> would like to hear your opnions.
> Attached is image with initial idea. Personally I do prefer blue color
> but since we are going to be very upstream the we must use this gray
> colors with "noise" pattern (same used on Gnome Shell lock screen).
> ## Other  options for logo:
> 1. Remove Ubuntu logo and use GNOME foot logo.
> 2. Keep "Ubuntu" logo work but use a "foot" inside the circle.
> 3. Keep it as it is now and wait form some new ideas.

Thanks for submitting this! While the gray is nice, there is one thing
to be aware of. I believe gdm shows the default wallpaper for a second
before showing the login screen. I think the theory is that the login
screen is a layer on top of the background. So I believe your design
would end up with a gray boot screen, a flash of the blue wallpaper,
and then the gray login screen. Because of this, I think it would be
cool to have an animated blue blinds boot screen. And I think we might
not even need a distro logo in that case. However, we are short on
time so if that idea is too ambitious, we should go with your gray

I believe the GNOME Foundation would not be happy if we remixed their
trademark GNOME foot logo. I don't believe they have a trademark over
all feet logos, just the stylized version they use for branding.

If we use the gray design, I'd rather keep the Ubuntu logo. What do
the rest of you think?

> And for source package I have a modified version of
> "ubuntu-gnome-default-settings" like Kubuntu does. Other option is to
> create a "ubuntu-gnome-artwork" like Xubuntu and Lubuntu. What do you
> guys think is better?

That's not a big deal. I think I prefer keeping it part of the
-default-settings source package.

> Last question. Do we have time to include the on 12.10 if finished this week?

Yes. But we'd need to ask for a UIFe if our changes require extra work
for translators.


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