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Pick the broken language selector you prefer


Ubuntu GNOME Remix is suffering from an annoying bug. Open the
Language panel in System Settings and the wrong language is picked by
default. If you don't manually pick the correct language, the next
time you log in, your computer will probably be in the wrong language.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson says that he believes it won't be possible to get
the correct fix in for Quantal and recommends we instead use
language-selector-gnome which is what Ubuntu has been using for quite
a while. More specifically, he has a patch that would hide the
language tab of GNOME's language tool; the other panels would still be
visible since they still work.

I think language-selector-gnome's UI is pretty bad and I don't think
it's really keyboard accessible. It's been a goal for a few cycles now
to drop that and use GNOME's UI, maybe that will happen for 13.04.

So, which do you prefer? Ubuntu's language panel or GNOME's?


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