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Re: Installing Firefox


Le mercredi 24 octobre 2012 à 14:50 -0200, Everaldo Canuto a écrit :
> I my opinion we should ship 13.04 with Firefox, most people I have
> installed Ubuntu GNOME says that no problem to manually install
> Chromium but Firefox must comes by default. It is the same
> LibreOffice.

I'm not sure about that. The aim of Ubuntu GNOME is to deliver the
genuine GNOME experience, as much as possible within the Ubuntu
echo-system. I use Epiphany every day, and it is truly a great browser.
The only problem with it is (was?) the lack of support for GTK2 plugins
(hence Flash), but I think it's going to be solved very soon.

As of LibreOffice vs Gnome Office, it's a bit different because Gnome
Office lacks a presentation program, and Abiword, while great, lacks
some features in comparison with Writer. Not sure about Gnumeric vs
Calc. But, anyway, Firefox and LibreOffice are really only an apt-get
away from the default install, and if it's good to promote Epiphany and 
Gnome Office, if that can help them get attention (and volunteers...).

That's my humble opinion anyway.