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Greetings and a preliminary comment about Gnome Remix


Hello everyone;

My name is Chris Hermansen and I have been an Ubuntu user since 2005, and a
Solaris / SunOS / Unix System V user for some (!) years before that.

Generally I like Unity reasonably well - I was never super crazy about
Gnome 2 so it's easy to say that :-) - but on my old Dell Inspiron 1501 it
runs   v e r y   s l  o   w    l     y

I have been trying the Gnome 3 re-mix on 12.10 for a couple of days now and
I am very impressed.  It's fast and I find the interaction patterns
different but not that difficult to become accustomed to.

I have three observations that might be of use to others.

First, between the TweakTool and gconf and dconf it is not really obvious
(as far as I can tell) which tool should be used, but as far as I am able
to determine, gconf may not apply to Gnome 3 at all (judging by the values
for some of the settings I have changed elsewhere not appearing in gconf);
and dconf may or may not have effect on Gnome 3; for instance, I can't seem
to use it to move the window buttons to the left hand side of the title
bar, despite various comments that indicate that should be possible.

Second, the only way I found to make some of the customizations I wanted
was to edit various configuration files in /usr/share... I would be happy
to share more info on that if anyone is interested, including diffs and the
rationale behind them.

Third, I disagree with the idea of leaving out Ubuntu One.  Yes I can
switch to DropBox, but all I am looking for is a better desktop experience;
why should I have to change my cloud storage provider to do that?

I eventually got Ubuntu One going but it was not completely
straightforward, and the control panel hung up during the process.
Chris Hermansen
C'est ma façon de parler.

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