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Re: Greetings and a preliminary comment about Gnome Remix


Tim and list:

On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 6:22 PM, Tim <darkxst@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 10/11/12 13:05, chris hermansen wrote:
> Hello everyone;
> ...

>  First, between the TweakTool and gconf and dconf it is not really
> obvious (as far as I can tell) which tool should be used, but as far as I
> am able to determine, gconf may not apply to Gnome 3 at all (judging by the
> values for some of the settings I have changed elsewhere not appearing in
> gconf); and dconf may or may not have effect on Gnome 3; for instance, I
> can't seem to use it to move the window buttons to the left hand side of
> the title bar, despite various comments that indicate that should be
> possible.
> For gnome-shell, gnome-tweak-tool, dconf-editor and gsettings are the
> programs to use. There are some settings in gnome fallback mode that rely
> on the old gconf settings, however fallback is going to be dropped for 3.8

Thanks for that advice.  I will delete gconf.  Here is an example of what
doesn't work in either TweakTool nor dconf.

TweakTool offers "Arrangement of buttons on the titlebar" and the choices
- close only
- maximize and close
- minimize and close
- all

However the positioning is only to the right of the window.  Looking in
dconf, there is


but as nearly as I can tell, changing this has no effect.  Maybe this is
only read by metacity?

> Second, the only way I found to make some of the customizations I wanted
> was to edit various configuration files in /usr/share... I would be happy
> to share more info on that if anyone is interested, including diffs and the
> rationale behind them.
> Some settings such as gdm greeter  need to be set using schema override
> files, however nearly all other user settings should be available using the
> 3 above mentioned tools.

Here are some things which I have only been able to change by editing
configuration files:
- turning of a11y in the top bar
- changing the font and its size in the top bar (too big, and I prefer
ubuntu to cantarell)
- reducing the size of the application icons in "Show Applications"
- making the title bar go away when the window is maximized

>  Third, I disagree with the idea of leaving out Ubuntu One.  Yes I can
> switch to DropBox, but all I am looking for is a better desktop experience;
> why should I have to change my cloud storage provider to do that?
>  I eventually got Ubuntu One going but it was not completely
> straightforward, and the control panel hung up during the process.
> The U1 installer is there, and it *should* be a relatively straight
> forward process, if you had issues then its bugs in the installer/U1 and
> would be best to report bugs on launchpad.
> I had to install ubuntuone-control-panel-qt.  I was expecting to see a
-gtk version but there is not apparently such a thing.

I may have also had to install ubuntuone-client-gnome (at least according
to my shell history I tried that)...

The problem I had is not repeatable in the classic sense and therefore I am
not sure about filing a bug.  Basicially what happened was that after I
logged in, control did not return to the ubuntuone control panel.  I exited
it using the (X) and restarted it, at which time it appeared to be working,
and sync was happening.

Chris Hermansen
C'est ma façon de parler.

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