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Re: Vital that "Ubuntu Gnome" gets own PPA


On 24 November 2012 19:01, Britt Yazel <bwyazel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It is imperative that the Ubuntu Gnome Remix gets its own PPA rather than
> using the gnome3-team PPA, and I will explain why:

Who do you think maintains the GNOME3 PPA? It's basically the same
people who maintain GNOME in Ubuntu. Decisions about what goes into
the PPA are made with the intent of providing the best possible GNOME
experience while not breaking Unity integration.

Today, I backported gnome-control-center 3.6 from raring to the GNOME3
PPA. This notably fixes http://pad.lv/1045914, works around
http://pad.lv/1035219 and fixes dozens of other bugs. It also provides
a much purer GNOME experience than we were able to offer with
gnome-control-center 3.4 in the regular quantal archives. Getting
gnome-control-center 3.6 ready was a true team effort with several
people devoting many hours to get it in shape.

> Today, the Gnome3-team PPA broke my system. It caused GDM to be completely
> non responsive with solely a spinning mouse cursor, and I had to do a
> ppa-purge simply to get my system back into working order. Now, on the
> information page we recommend that people install this PPA in order to get
> updated Gnome3 components such as nautilus 3.6, but anyone who has done so
> as of today should have a borked system. This is a fairly big deal to this
> teams credibility.

If something isn't working right in the GNOME3 PPA (or in Ubuntu
itself), please file a bug in Launchpad against that package with as
many details as possible. For the record, I haven't gotten a single
bug report about the updates today. I think something else might be
wrong with your computer. A few minutes ago I took a basically clean
Quantal install, installed GNOME Shell and set GDM as default,
rebooted, then added the GNOME3 PPA. Logging out and in worked fine
and continued to work fine after reboot.

As far as Kubuntu's PPA go, the one big thing we could do is to have a
staging PPA where packages bake for a few days before being pushed to
the main GNOME3 PPA but at this time we're rather short on manpower to
be doing that. The Ubuntu GNOME team definitely needs more volunteers
to help with QA to identify bugs and regressions before they have the
chance to affect other users. Packaging help would be great too.