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Re: Vital that "Ubuntu Gnome" gets own PPA


On 25 November 2012 00:56, Britt Yazel <bwyazel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I greatly appreciate your work in the Gnome3-ppa and think you guys are
> doing an excellent job. However, you said "Decisions about what goes into
> the PPA are made with the intent of providing the best possible GNOME
> experience while not breaking Unity integration." and this is precisely my
> point. The "Ubuntu Gnome Remix" does not need to worry about breaking Unity
> integration, as there is no Unity to break. I was not trying in any way to
> discredit the work done in the Gnome3-ppa, I was just point out that even
> though the "Ubuntu Gnome Remix" people and the "Gnome3-ppa" people (probably
> many of the same people) have very similar goals, there are certain aspects
> where they do not align where a dedicated "Ubuntu Gnome Remix" PPA would
> come in very handy.
> About the bug this morning, it definitely was not an issue with my computer
> as it happened on 4 of them. Also, I was not using the standard ubuntu base,
> I was going off of the "Ubuntu-Gnome-Remix" base, which I know is
> essentially the same. Regardless, something happened on each of my systems
> when having the Gnome3-ppa installed that made GDM break (as in just the
> background and a spinning cursor), and once I ppa purged it the problem was
> solved on each of the 4 computers.

Ok, I looked a bit harder and see that changing the GTK theme on my
computer with Quantal and the GNOME3 PPA to Adwaita breaks things
badly. I uploaded a new gnome-themes-standard that might fix this. If
not, I'll look at it more in the morning.

> Again, my point was not to make the Gnome3-ppa look bad, as I greatly
> appreciate it! My point was solely that if Ubuntu Gnome Remix wants to
> become a full operating system it needs to have it's repository outside of
> the Ubuntu main repositories to where it can upload it's own packages and
> own changes without disrupting the main Ubuntu/Unity desktop. Because there
> will be a time when Ubuntu makes a change to a Gnome3 package that works
> great for Unity, but is not ideal for Gnome-Shell, and to which both
> packages cannot coexist in the same repositories. This can be shown, for
> example, with the exclusion of Nautilus 3.6 into "Ubuntu Gnome Remix". That
> was a decision that was made for the benefit of Unity, not for "Ubuntu Gnome
> Remix".


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