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Re: Defining ubuntu-gnome project goals


Great post! This brings us to what really matters. I thought originally, but perhaps incorrectly, that our initial goal was to provide a true testing base for Gnome based on Ubuntu. It's OK if I'm wrong or if the initial goal changed but I still love the project ;^)

We must remember that things continue to change on the Gnome front also. Think just how quickly we went from no more fallback session to a classic session being offered by default:



And then Vincent Untz has already called on the community to fork and maintain 
the “fallback-session” including ‘metacity’ and ‘gnome-panel’:


So things are fluid ;^)

I'm also finding that the new Totem just sux ..... I assume because of it's dependence on OpenGL ..... will that be the next app we'll ask to be swapped out?


--- On Tue, 12/4/12, Justin Joseph <justin.manj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Justin Joseph <justin.manj@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Defining ubuntu-gnome project goals
To: "Lance" <lbsolost@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 1:54 AM

There are many discussions/threads going on in this list right now with active participation. But many of them turned out to be just voting (+1 this, -1 that) threads without any valid points/discussions. I guess this is a good time
 to define/discuss our goals  as a project and that in turn will help us make better decisions about individual applications. 

The question is how do we see ourselves as a project. There are many points being raised in the threads, starting with what Alessandro initially said (but not limited to) are we a vanilla GNOME distro or an ubuntu minus unity? There are other questions that goes with it.

1. Our ralationship with ubuntu (and what constraints that puts on us, if any)?
If we are to become official are there any constraints on us to use some specific packages etc. (Can some developers reply here?)

What defines an ubuntu distribution (why we like ubuntu :- available packages, ease of use, how important are default applications in this)?What packages other *buntus use and don't use? How many of them use firefox, libreoffice, USC, ubuntuone?

2. Our relationship with GNOMEWhat gnome packages to be included (What defines gnome experience), just core (shell, gcc) or core plus applications (files, web, video, photo, documents...) or core plus applications and platform (systemd, packagekit....)? 

Please note here that gnome is moving towards a highly coherent and integrated desktop and more and more applications are redesigned to the gnome HIG.
What to do when some specific applications are not popular or not up to the standards 

Replace, replace temporarily, Keep them and help testing/find bugs etc., keep it installed side by side along with other temporary defaults. 

3. What is our intended userbase (and any constraints that puts on us)?

Please make your points/thoughts (I abstain from adding any of my thoughts right now).

Justin Joseph