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[Fwd: Two string changes for translation in Software Center]


Siehe weitergeleitete E-Mail im Anhang!

Zwei kleine Änderungen im Software-Center werden wohl anstehen. Wichtig
und sichtbar! Aber im Moment scheinen in Launchpad noch die alten
Zeichenketten drin zu stehen.



Dennis Baudys

      email: thecondor@xxxxxxxx
 GPG key-ID: E4A9FB08
fingerprint: CB9A 86FF 1C20 0426 3912
             0276 3A78 E23F E4A9 FB08

Prüfer im deutschen Ubuntu-Übersetzer-Team

  launchpad: ~thecondordb

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Hello Translators!

We recently received a bug report from Dennis Baudys that pointed out a
non-localizable date string in the software item screen of Software
Center (thanks, Dennis!):


We definitely wanted to fix this one with the result that we have two
string changes for translation as shown:

 1. 'Purchased on %s' has changed to 'Purchased on %Y-%m-%d'
 2. 'Installed on %s' has changed to 'Installed on %Y-%m-%d'

Note that we've included a comment to the translator in the .pot file
for each of these strings as well.

My apologies for this late string change!  But I think the result will
be a much nicer presentation of these date strings.

Thank you for your good work!
Gary Lasker

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