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Re: New string in unity: 'Drop To Add Application'


El dc 20 de 04 de 2011 a les 11:20 +0200, en/na Dennis Baudys va
> Hi!
> There is another new string not to be missed. It's in »unity«.
> See this link [1] and change the URL to your language code
> to find it:
>   »Drop To Add Application«
> I guess this means something like 'dropping the icon (during
> a drag and drop action) here will add the application to the
> launcher) or something. If the meaning is different, please
> tell us ;)

Yes, it means a drag and drop action from the dash to the launcher, for
example when you drag an icon from the application view to the launcher.
Then in displays a tooltip while you drag over the launcher.


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