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Re: Translation for LibreOffice


Time didt allow for all of them to be merged.

Mvh Anders

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Fra: "Hendrik Knackstedt" <hendrik.knackstedt@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Dato: man., maj 2, 2011 23:03
Emne: Translation for LibreOffice
Til: <david.planella@xxxxxxxxxx>, "Ubuntu German Translators (Community-Team)" <ubuntu-l10n-de-community@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <ubuntu-translators@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey David!

What happend to the translations of the LibreOffice desktop entries?

I cannot see them in Natty. Only the English strings are shown (at least in
Gnome and Unity-2D). Or do they only show up in Unity-3D? If so, maybe they
should also be imported into Unity-2D since this will be the fallback for
the next release?

Hendrik Knackstedt

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