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[Bug 784656] Re: Cannot edit own translation suggestion


While it is a valid bug, it applies to Launchpad and is not specific to
Ubuntu translations, thus marking it as Invalid for the ubuntu-
translations task.

** Changed in: ubuntu-translations
       Status: Confirmed => Invalid

You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu
German Translators (Community-Team), which is a direct subscriber.

  Cannot edit own translation suggestion

Status in Launchpad itself:
Status in Ubuntu Translations:

Bug description:
  When translating a project with restricted permissions, it is
  impossible for translators, who don't have reviewer access, to change
  their own suggestions. This creates a lot of additional work, because

  (1) translators have to post a second or third suggestion, if they
  make a mistake. Even if you check your translation before you submit
  it, it can happen that you make mistakes.

  (2) if there is several suggestions that just differ by a few, maybe
  only one character, it's very difficult for reviewers to decide which
  is the correct translation. It's like those pictures where you've to
  find the mistake.

  There's 2 possible solutions I can come up with:

  (1) Make it possible for translators who don't have reviewer access to
  edit only THEIR OWN suggestions.

  (2) Make Launchpad somehow highlight differences in very similar
  suggestions, maybe a light yellow background or whatever.

  This affects Launchpad Translations in general.