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Re: CALL FOR TESTING of 3rd FULL Oneiric language pack update (Deadline January 11th)



   I can confirm the german language pack (gnome & normal) working correctly.
   Just looked through all the tests and couldn't find anything wrong.
   Documentation is correct, too

   Regards Robin 

   Zitat von Hendrik.Knackstedt@xxxxxxxxxxx:
könnte das mal bitte jemand überprüfen falls möglich und uns auf
jeden fall auf der seite eintragen? Danke!

  -Urspr. Mitteilung-
  Betreff: Re: CALL FOR TESTING of 3rd FULL Oneiric language pack
update (Deadline January 11th)
  Von: Kenneth Nielsen <k.nielsen81@xxxxxxxxx>
  Datum: 11.01.2012 09:31

  Please note that the deadline for the testing of these language packs is
  today at 1400 UTC, so if your team has done work on the translations
  since the last update now is the time to test.

  Regards Kenneth

  Den 05-01-2012 15:06, Kenneth Nielsen skrev:  > Hallo translators,

   It is now time for the third language pack update cycle for Ubuntu 11.10
   (Oneiric Ocelot).

   We've uploaded the language packs to the oneiric-proposed repository for
   you to test before they are released to all users. These should contain
   all your updates and fixes in translations done since the release date.

   I'd like to ask teams to test them and provide an indication that
   they've done so by following some simple steps and submitting a signoff,
   so that we know that translations have been successfully tested.

   Simply follow the instructions in this page and add your team's signoff
   in the appropriate table:

   The desktop specific language packs will only be distributed for the
   desktops (e.g. GNOME and KDE) that have been tested.

   PLEASE NOTE. That since this is a full update, including documentation,
   you must also perform the documentation tests described at the end of
   the page.

   The deadline for the testing is the 11th of January (in one week's
   time). After that, we'll update the language packs we've received
   feedback for into oneiric-updates, so that all users can benefit from
   the new translations and fixes.

   Remember that you'll have to to enable the oneiric-proposed repository
   to get these updates:



   Remember that now you can subscribe to the iCal feed to stay up to
   date with language pack updates and better coordinate your work:

   Thank you for your help in testing translations for all users in your

   Regards Kenneth.
   (on behalf of the Ubuntu translations coordinators)
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