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[Bug 819994] Re: String length of items seems limited (system settings label get truncated)


Sebastien, of course it's customized, pc has a larger size monitor than my laptop.
On laptop the font size is 11 but the window itself is way too large it almost uses half of the desktop.
The ccsm window is resizable and looks fine in any mode or font size.
Why do I need to defend or explain a custom setup anyway? Do we talk about font size or a compiled kernel here?

Please don't mix cause and effect. The user didn't break the UI - developers did.
Thus I'd like to ask developers if they have an idea to fix the issue.

Imho the solution is to revert incomprehensible decisions like windows shouldn't be resizable. 
Or are developers telling us, don't customize your font size, no matter which monitor, you're doomed to select 8-10 font size otherwise try accessibility features?
Fine, then they should say so loud, so users know, this DE isn't one which should be customized, otherwise it may become useless.
Then why font-selector has an option to resize larger than 10 in the first place if anything above 10 can make an UI unuseable?
Sounded pretty realistic in the past.
< ... however each user has different preferences. >

No answer yet there.

Window size mandatory.

Example how perfect it looks when using smaller font size. What is it, 8?

@ 6and/\lf (eduardgotwig)
Please tell me how you change translation of shortcut descriptions and keep their rational. bug 933761 

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  String length of items seems limited (system settings label get

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Bug description:
  It seems there is a limit of the chars in a setting button.

  In my panel I have 'Systeeminformati', but it should show 'Systeeminformatie'.
  So it looks like the 'e' got cut off.

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