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[Fwd: Nightmonkey is back into action !]


Hallo Team!

Nightmonkey geht wieder. Siehe E-Mail im Anhang.


Dennis Baudys

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Prüfer im deutschen Ubuntu-Übersetzer-Team

  launchpad: ~thecondordb
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The rumors are true... Nightmonkey is back into action, thanks to the
resolution of a long standing Launchpad bug that broke it in the first
Solving that bug enabled the Offline Nightmonkey tool you saw before, but
I'm very glad to tell you that István reenabled today deep-linking in the
actual online Nightmonkey, effectively bypassing the infamous timeout bug

In simple terms, this means we'll now be able to translate the Package
Descriptions by popularity (both popcon and ratings), by keyword (science,
biology, GNOME, KDE, Ubuntu…), by repository (main, multiverse, universe…)
and by status (translated/non translated).

The translated/untranslated status is updated daily at 08:00 - CET.
Nightmonkey is available for/in many languages and will enable us to
globally reach casual translators and communities around specific packages
or themes.

Head to http://nightmonkey.ubuntu.hu/ to enjoy the awesomeness and
Congratulations to István !

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