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Leite die Nachricht hier mal weiter.
Wir haben gerade noch so um die 100 telegram strings offen.


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Betreff: Telegram translations
Datum: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 19:34:31 +0200
Von: Michal Karnicki <michal.karnicki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
An: ubuntu-translators maillijst <ubuntu-translators@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,

As some of you may know, I'm working on a larger update to our Telegram
app, not so much feature wise just yet, but definitely reliability-wise.
While there's still some work left, we would very much appreciate if in the
mean time you could help us translate the app to your preferred language.

Please allow me to say all translations are very welcome, but these are
most important to us strategically: German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian,

While the old url still works as an alias, we've renamed the project from
libqtelegram to telegram-app, so you'll find it here:

I did my best to provide comments for the translated strings. If you notice
a format string for translation (for a time of day, for instance) and
you're not sure what to do about it, just copy it verbatim, I believe we
can refine those as we go.

If you notice any issue with translation, please do not hesitate to let me
know. This time I made sure Launchpad doesn't resist to accept any strings.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day,

PS I expect some questions, so I'll say: there are a couple strings that
may hint you some new features, like "[someone] has sent a location". While
these features are not yet provided, some of the functionality is partly
baked in the back-end, and they are currently included for completeness.
Thanks :)

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Professional and Engineering Services
Canonical Ltd.

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