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[Bug 736005] Re: POFile:+translate timeouts


I saw some merge proposal e-mails, so I wanted to try things again,
before any changes.

I have always had timeout issues with translations, but we no longer
publish the Ubuntu Serverguide in multiple languages, and I only ever
went into translations to fix syntax errors so that the thing would

There have also always been issues with the master LP branch for
help.ubuntu.com, today being no different. I have always suspected the
issues are because the differences between revisions tends to be huge,
but do not have any proof. However, the error doesn't seem to be a
"timeout" (I thought it was, but that might just be faulty memory). The
message I am getting is attached (and sorry if this ends up unrelated).


Attempts to enter this very comment:
Attempt 1: Timeout: number not recorded.
Attempt 2: (Error ID: OOPS-681da197dd183cfcc25eb97be7ea3233)
Attempt 3: (Error ID: OOPS-ca1bec7803de2332f6731b540ef86b5e)
Attempt 4: Is this one.

** Attachment added: "Uh-Oh-graphic"

You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu
German Translators (Community-Team), which is subscribed to a duplicate
bug report (1084026).

  POFile:+translate timeouts

Status in JOSM:
Status in Launchpad itself:
Status in Odoo Addons (MOVED TO GITHUB):
Status in Ubuntu Translations:

Bug description:
    1 SELECT TranslationMessage.comment, TranslationMessage.date_created, TranslationMessage.date_revie ... gstr3, -$INT), COALESCE(msgstr4, -$INT), COALESCE(msgstr5, -$INT), date_created DESC ) LIMIT $INT:
     GET: 1 Robots: 0  Local: 1
        1 https://translations.launchpad.net/picapy/trunk/+pots/picapy/de/+translate (POFile:+translate)

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