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Re: Call for testing: langpack updates for 20.04.3


Hi Gunnar,

thanks for the info. I've tested the proposed German translations for 20.04.3 LTS. Everything in the DE language packs looks fine so far.



Am 05.08.21 um 23:32 schrieb Gunnar Hjalmarsson:
Hello translators!

I'm here again with a plea to help with testing new language packs.

Updated language packs are available in focal-proposed as version 1:20.04+20210802. They will be moved to focal-updates on 2021-08-12 for all languages except those languages where we identify issues with the proposed language packs.

As a prevention measure you can help out by installing the language packs for your language from focal-proposed and report here any issues you see which might be related to the updated translations. Then the language-packs for that language won't be moved to focal-updates until the issues have been considered and/or resolved.

The names of the language packs which have been copied to focal-proposed are:


where 'XX' is the language code.

The purpose of a manual test is to make sure that the system keeps working normally and that there are no noticeable translation errors which stand out. So basically: log in into an Ubuntu desktop session and make sure that the core features behave as expected. Example check points:

* Open the Activities overview, enter some search terms(for example
   home, netw, update).

* Check the menu on the top right of the screen.

* Start the file browser (Files>Home Folder). Check your home folder
   location, the menu items and the side bar.

* Start Update Manager: check out it runs and has sensible UI.

If you find issues, please report them here by 2021-08-11.

Dennis Baudys

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