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Ubuntu User Guide(e-book) in Telugu released with content from Telugu Wikibooks


Hi Friends,

You may have seen the press release of canonical announcing support
for 10 Indian languages


I would like to acknowledge the support of Ubuntu,   Debian, Document
foundation  and Telugu computing (Telugu Padam mailing list)
contributors for this milestone. I would like to name specifically
Christian PERRIER (Debian) and  David Planella and Colin Watson
(Ubuntu) and  Andras Timar (Document foundation)  for their timely
help in supporting Localisation initiative.  I also thank Prakash
Advani for help  with PR. I acknowledge the contribution of Ubuntu
Telugu localisation team  with  special thanks to Pravin Illa who
contributed a large share of the translations in Ubuntu launchpad.

I am glad to report the release of Ubuntu User Guide(e-book) in Telugu
with content from Telugu wikibooks.

Content from wikibooks was imported using Open document format import
feature of print/export feature  and the layout was done using
Libreoffice 3.3.
Having the source content in Wikibooks makes the content searchable on
Internet and the e-book serves to access the content in a book form..
You can see my blog post in Telugu with links to e-book and
screenshots used in the e-book.

Telugu wikibook root page: http://tinyurl.com/3ff2wf8

I feel the popularity of Web in local languages will be closely to
tied to use of computer in native language. I would like to see
efforts from other language computing and FOSS enthusiasts and would
be interested in collaborative efforts  in this direction.

Arjuna Rao Chavala
Ubuntu Telugu Localisation Coordinator