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Use generally used words


Hi Team,

****************IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION****************
Happy to see our contribution. Please follow these instructions to make
the translations more reachable to people

1) Don't translate technical terms to local meaning.


 Internet----> should not be translated to "మహాతలం"
 Internet---->should be translated to "ఇంటర్నెట్"

 Offline---->should not be translated to "లైనువెలుపల"
 Offline---->should be translated to "ఆఫ్‌లైన్"


 Computer---->should not be translated to "గణన యంత్రం"
 Computer---->should be translated to "కంప్యూటర్"
Because we are not bothered about the correctness or exactness of the
word, but we are concerned about the readability and usability :)

Non-english people can easily understand many technical terms in English
(ex: Internet, speed, download, sign in, logout, computer ,.etc ). So,
please don't translate the meaning for these words. Instead simply write
them in Telugu.

Warm Regards
Arun Mummidi
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