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Tabula rasa


Hey, guys.

Before we all get started on updating the lucid-e2 branch, I wanted to
run an idea by you.  I'm hoping that those more experienced with
bzr/Launchpad can help.

Right now, our branch is over 150 MB in size. The actual size of the
source files required to build the manual is less than a megabyte.

Many of the files in the branch are either no longer needed or don't
belong there.  The website has been moved to its own repository, for

Unfortunately, when you delete a file, it seems that its history is
still kept in the repository and when someone branches the repository,
that history must be downloaded, too.

I propose that we create a completely new branch -- with no history
and no files -- and then copy the requisite files from the lucid-1e-en
branch (which is where the latest edits are) into this new branch.

Is there a better way to handle this situation?  (I admit I'm not that
familiar with bzr.)

Thanks for your help!


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