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Re: Translator feedback!


As a translator, i have to say that the translation of the manual was a
Firstly because I had to know some things about the latex commands and
secondly and most important, I should always check the names of the windows,
buttons, text fields, lists etc either by following the steps of the manual
or by searching on the application's pot file for the proper string, so as
to ensure that the text of the translated manual doesn't include any wrong
name which would mislead the reader completely.

I think that a system of automatically generating the translated strings of
buttons, menus, messages etc would save the problem but i don't know if it
is feasible.

We can talk about this and other issues concerning the difficulties of the
translation process, probably on a meeting for translators.

ps: I don't know if I made clear my point. If not, tell me to provide more