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Contributing to the project


Greetings Ubuntu Manual Folk!

I thought I'd properly say hello - I rather worry I'd intruded in the
meeting last night without introducing myself (I'm Synergetic on

My name is Denise - I'm currently a final-year MA Linguistics student
from the U.S. studying in Edinburgh, Scotland. I've been using Ubuntu
since 2004 and have led a couple install days and helped numerous
friends with installs. It's a fantastic operating system but I've not
had the opportunity to contribute more than a few bug reports.

I've worked a technical writer and really enjoy writing accessible
manuals - I heard about the Ubuntu Manual team through a friend of
mine who heard of it from one of Jono's podcasts and I thought it
would be a fantastic way to get involved and give back to the

One thing I thought might be improved is the "Become a Writer" link on
the Ubuntu Manual page - it rather immediately sends you a page for
getting an SSH key installing LaTeX and bazaar and such things - but
it should have "Join our Community" first where they might find,
perhaps, a friendly list of people contributing and the sub-projects
they're working on and a list of things that could be done by people
just joining. I just worry that some people might find the list of
installation requirements a bit intimidating to be confronted with
before even signing up and having an idea of how the community and
project is organised.

Hopefully I can be of help to the community - I look forward to
getting to know you all!


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