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State of the bzr branches


Hello, all.

I wanted to give you an update on the state of the branches we've set
up for our project.

lucid-e1:  This branch contains the locked English version of the
manual that the translators are working against. This branch should
not be modified by anyone other than Throsten Wilms (thorwil) and I
(godbyk).  Everyone else can safely ignore this branch.

lucid-e2:  This branch contains the ongoing work for Getting Started
with Ubuntu 10.04, Second Edition.  This is a new branch that I just
created.  (The previous branch that lived here has been moved out of
the way so we can start with anew without bringing in files that don't
belong.)  If you would like to help with editing on this branch,
please remove any previous branches you have lying about and pull a
fresh copy of this branch: bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual   Be careful
that you only add files that are required for compiling the manual.
No website files or other material that won't appear in the manual
should be in this branch.

maverick: This branch will be used for Getting Started with Ubuntu
10.10.  There shouldn't be any activity or work in this branch yet.
(It will probably be wiped out and restarted based on lucid-e2 just
prior to starting work on the Maverick manual, so any changes made
here will likely be lost.)  Do not make any changes to this branch at
this time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


--Kevin Godby

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