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Re: Releasing translated editions


Hey there!

El sábadu, 08-mayu-2010 a les 03:17 -0500, Kevin Godby escribió:

> [...]
> For this process to work, we will need an editor for each translation.
>  If you would like to be the editor for your translation, please
> respond to this email with your full name, email address, Launchpad
> ID, and language.  

Well, I suppose that's me:
Name: Xuacu Saturio
email address: xuacusk8@xxxxxxxxx
LP Id.: https://launchpad.net/~xuacusk8
Language: Asturian (ast)

I'm an absolute beginner to TeX, whose learning I've been
procrastinating for years :) Perhaps now it's the right time to give it
a go... Any advice for first steps with TeX?

I'll try to get an sprint from my team in order to have a working
version of the Manual before lucid-e2 is due (July, isn't it?).
Hopefully, by the end of May we'll have all the screenshots in place and
the translations done. That gives us about one month to proofread the
Manual and to tweak on the TeX side of life.

Best regards.



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