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Re: Docs Team and Ubuntu Manual Project: Toward future cooperation


On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 10:19 AM, Matthew East <mdke@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> For my part, I was hoping to provoke a very constructive discussion
> with my post about specific improvements that can be made and ways for
> collaboration. I think that Kevin's post had the same intention. Let's
> stick to that.

I agree, and thanks Matthew for your response to Kevin's email.  I think
your right and everyone has the same goals, and truly wants Ubuntu to have
the best documentation possible.

In that regard and building on Jim's ideas on content format... is there a
tool, or set of tools, to convert between the various formats?  To my
current thinking it doesn't much matter which format the "content pool" is
stored in as long as there is an easy way to convert between DocBook,
Mallard, and Latex (and any additional formats).

If currently there are no such tools available, or they aren't easy to use,
I think we should develop whatever tools we need.  Based on QuickShot
http://ubuntu-manual.org/quickshot I think it is within our capability to
create any such tools we will need.

Would it be constructive to agree on a list of output formats everyone uses?
 My quick list:

  DocBook - for yelp
  Mallard - future gnome help

I can help with Blueprints, testing, etc for whatever tools we decide we

Thanks all for keeping the discussion constructive.

Party On,

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