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compiling the ubuntu-manual with russian translation


Installed TeX with install-tl, the started install-pkgs.sh - all is done
without errors, but when I try to compile the ubuntu-manual with russian
translation I get the following error:

make ubuntu-manual-ru.pdf
bzr version-info --custom --template="Revision number: {revno}\qquad
Revision date: {date}\n\n" > revision.tex
po4a-translate --master-charset=utf8 -f latex -m main.tex -p po/ru.po -l
ubuntu-manual-ru.tex -k 0
               :12: (po4a::tex)
               неизвестное окружение: 'fullwidth'
make: *** [ubuntu-manual-ru.tex] Ошибка 9

I'm not very familiar with tex, so I don't know how to fix. Is is minor
problem and can be fixed by installing something that isn't installed in

With regards, Basil Marmer.

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