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Ubuntu extra documentaion library (Working title)


Hello all,

In the focus of working together as one big team I decided that there
was a hole in the desktop for a program that pulls together all of the
extra documentation produced by all the teams.

This would be a great way to get the quick start guides which the doc
and manual teams are working on, along with the manuals. I also thought
about the roll of the learning team and thought this idea [1] could be
developed to work with learning team material as well. 

One particular use case that I see is on events people could refer to
particular "lessons" for all the documents they need for that session.
Also the option to search through the available documents could be a

The idea is very rough and is the very first draft, I will say I am not
the best as drawing.

If you look at the picture you will see that down the left you have
section/topics in which you can use to filter the number of files that
you see. In the right you see a preview image of the cover, a little
description, a file size and a choice of languages if available.

The user selects the file and clicks download and the file is downloaded
on to the folder they have chosen. Once it is downloaded it can be
opened using their favourite/default viewer for that type of document.

Every time I think about it the more complex the program gets, I see
this as a great way of keeping our extra documentation in one place. the
current working title is "extra documentation library" (I have no real
name yet).

Any thoughts or suggestions on the program idea are welcome. I am keen
to get started on this soon and anyone who wishes to help please contact

Many Thanks

Luke Jennings
(ubuntujenkins on #freenode)


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