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Documentation pool sample content


Hi All,

During our meeting this past weekend we came up with an idea to help us see
how each of the various syntaxes would work for our doc project.  The
general gist it to collect some text-only content from our various
documentation repositories (Learning, Docs, and Manual), and then draft that
content up in the different markups (Docbook v5, Mallard, DITA, and
XHTML5).  We'll then see the pluses and minuses of each.

I've put up a bzr repo at:
This is where we'll be able to store both the basic text, and (later) to
store and view the content in the different markup formats.

You should only need to be a member of the ubuntu-doc-contributors team to
push to that repo.  Ubuntu-doc-contributors is an open team, so you should
be able to easily join and push to that repo.  Please let me know if you
have trouble grabbing the content, or if you have trouble pushing to the

What do we need to do?
1) Members of the Learning, Manual, and Docs team will need to put up some
content relating to playing music.  (Yes, I changed this from CLI-related
stuff . . .  I hope that's ok.)  Basically, we just need about 2 pages worth
of text-only content, so if members of each team could dump any content that
they have relating to that topic into the bzr branch, we'll consolidate it.
The content may be longer than 2 pages at first - that's ok... there will be
some duplication that we can consolidate.

2) Put the content into the different formats.  Format assignments are as
- Docbook v5 - Could a member of the docs team take care of this one?
Perhaps Kyle?  Mdke?
- Mallard - Phil Bull, we nominated you in your absence.  :)
- XHTML - A member of the Manual team.  Godbyk volunteered during the
meeting, but other members of the Manual team could help him.
- DITA - Jim

3) We can push the sample content into separate folders (docbook, mallard,
etc.) in that same repo.

Please have your text-only content dumped into the repo within the next
week.  Don't fret over formatting.  We'll consolidate things a bit, then
we'll have a bit of time to put them into the different formats.

I hope this is clear enough, but let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, all!!  : )


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