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Re: Documentation pool sample content


On Wed, 2010-08-04 at 18:17 -0500, Kevin Godby wrote:
> I'd like to see smaller and smarter translation units.  Translating an
> entire sentence seems sensible for the most part, but we should
> continue to provide the context of the sentence so the translation can
> flow as well as the original text.

You should talk to some translators to make sure this
is really how they would prefer to work. It certainly
does make it easier to manage changes, but it can come
at the cost of quality. Sometimes the best translations
for a passage involve combining (and even re-ordering)

> We could help translators by providing lookups of menu item strings
> automatically (thereby ensuring that the translation of the
> documentation matches the translation of the application).

Milo, Phil, and I discussed this feature at GUADEC.
It's very likely that Yelp 3 will support a Mallard
extension to do exactly this. The same extension
could easily be used in DocBook 5 documents too.

Shaun McCance

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