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Re: Re-igniting the project



I'm planning on attending the meeting (assuming nothing else arises
between now and then, and assuming I don't sleep through it).  But I
in case I miss it, here are my thoughts on the current agenda items:

1. Lucid - Second edition

Since 10.04 is an long-term support release, it'd be nice if we had a
corresponding manual that was accurate and bug-free.  I think that
most of the work required for the second edition is fairly simple and
could be done in parallel with work on the Maverick edition (though
given the timelines, there shouldn't be too much overlap).

The original deadline of 29 July has come and gone.  The release of
Ubuntu 10.04.1 is set for 12 August.  That deadline may be a little
close, depending on what we hope to achieve with a second edition

I would like to see all of the bugs targeted to the lucid-e2 milestone
to be fixed before the release, if possible.  (I would also love to
see the index and glossary expanded, but this may have to wait for the
Maverick edition.)

What outstanding work needs to be completed before we release the
second edition?

2. Collaboration with the Docs and Learning teams

I don't think we need to wait for collaboration on the manual (if
that's what you're referring to).

3. Documenting the Release Process and Translations

I'm all for this.  One reason for the lack of documentation in this
area is that we've only had one release and we've been making it up as
we go along.

With regard to the release of translated editions, the checklist (and
work involved) for that will be reduced considerably in the next
release (Maverick).

If anyone is willing to help document the release process or if there
are any specific questions I can answer about it, please let me know.

4. Website

I'm not sure what all this means, so I don't have any thoughts on it
at the moment. :-)

5. Regular meetings

I think that having regular meetings is a good idea.  We shouldn't
have them too frequently or people will get bored and stop showing up.
 But we've had too long of a lull between meetings of late and they're
a good way to keep people on course (and help establish that course).

I'd recommend meeting, say, every other week.  I think the meeting
time we had used in the past was Saturdays at 2000 UTC.  That seemed
to work well for most folks, though if we have a lot of new people
wanting to attend, we can reassess the meeting time so that it's
convenient for as many team members as possible.

6. Additional thoughts

I think it would be a good idea to reestablish some roles within the
project so that individuals have a known set of responsibilities.
Documenting our processes, procedures, and the responsibilities of
each role will help keep things flowing.

--Kevin Godby

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