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Re: Re-igniting the project


Hey guys,

Firstly I won't be able to make the meeting because it's at 4am my time, so
I've jotted down what I think i the pad (http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/baZkHCQiMu)
and I'll say some more things here.

I've made an infographic / timeline thing:

<http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1887929/dev-infographic.png>Basically, I don't
really think we need to get our knickers in a twist just yet. Unfortunately
we're always going to get this lull where it's too early to start making
changes in case they're not final and then beta lands with a tonne of new
things and all of a sudden we have to try and cram in screenshotting,
writing, editing and translation in just over a month. I've been running
Maverick for a while and it doesn't look like there are that many changes,
it should only take us a couple of weeks to fix up the sections that have

The work on USLC etc we can postpone till summer, I have a three month break
from uni so I can work hard on that.

On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 7:46 PM, Kevin Godby <godbyk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello.
> I'm planning on attending the meeting (assuming nothing else arises
> between now and then, and assuming I don't sleep through it).  But I
> in case I miss it, here are my thoughts on the current agenda items:
> 1. Lucid - Second edition
> Since 10.04 is an long-term support release, it'd be nice if we had a
> corresponding manual that was accurate and bug-free.  I think that
> most of the work required for the second edition is fairly simple and
> could be done in parallel with work on the Maverick edition (though
> given the timelines, there shouldn't be too much overlap).
> The original deadline of 29 July has come and gone.  The release of
> Ubuntu 10.04.1 is set for 12 August.  That deadline may be a little
> close, depending on what we hope to achieve with a second edition
> release.
> I would like to see all of the bugs targeted to the lucid-e2 milestone
> to be fixed before the release, if possible.  (I would also love to
> see the index and glossary expanded, but this may have to wait for the
> Maverick edition.)
> What outstanding work needs to be completed before we release the
> second edition?
> 2. Collaboration with the Docs and Learning teams
> I don't think we need to wait for collaboration on the manual (if
> that's what you're referring to).
> 3. Documenting the Release Process and Translations
> I'm all for this.  One reason for the lack of documentation in this
> area is that we've only had one release and we've been making it up as
> we go along.
> With regard to the release of translated editions, the checklist (and
> work involved) for that will be reduced considerably in the next
> release (Maverick).
> If anyone is willing to help document the release process or if there
> are any specific questions I can answer about it, please let me know.
> 4. Website
> I'm not sure what all this means, so I don't have any thoughts on it
> at the moment. :-)
> 5. Regular meetings
> I think that having regular meetings is a good idea.  We shouldn't
> have them too frequently or people will get bored and stop showing up.
>  But we've had too long of a lull between meetings of late and they're
> a good way to keep people on course (and help establish that course).
> I'd recommend meeting, say, every other week.  I think the meeting
> time we had used in the past was Saturdays at 2000 UTC.  That seemed
> to work well for most folks, though if we have a lot of new people
> wanting to attend, we can reassess the meeting time so that it's
> convenient for as many team members as possible.
> 6. Additional thoughts
> I think it would be a good idea to reestablish some roles within the
> project so that individuals have a known set of responsibilities.
> Documenting our processes, procedures, and the responsibilities of
> each role will help keep things flowing.
> --Kevin Godby
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