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Starting work on the Maverick edition


Hello, everyone.

It's time that we got started with our work on the Maverick edition.

We need to compile a list of changes between Lucid and Maverick so we
can update those sections of the manual.  We also need to discuss
things that we'd like to add or remove in the Maverick edition.

Since we haven't been doing a very good job with IRC meetings lately,
I want to start this discussion on the mailing list.

Benjamin's schedule
has us down for a writing freeze as of September 10, so we need to get
moving pretty quickly.

The scheduled milestones are:

  10 September - Maverick edition writing freeze - no more material
will be added or removed - only edits will take place.
  30 September - Release candidate - Screenshots and editing should be finished.
  10 October - Final release - PDFs will be uploaded to the website.

Our time frame for the release of the manual is a bit shorter this
time as the release date for Maverick was pushed up from the end of
October to the 10th.  So we need to get started immediately.

Here are the basic steps we need to take:

1. Figure out what's changed in Maverick that we need to update in the
manual.  Here's the list I have so far:

  * New installer
  * Software Center changes
  * Shotwell is replacing F-Spot
  * New MeMenu and Sound menu
  * Revised Update Manager
  * Add walk-through on using the Wubi installer

  Please reply if you have things to add to this list.

2. Get authors to commit to making those changes in the manual.  If
you'd like to volunteer to write new material or update existing
material, please reply to this email and let us know which section
you're interested in working on.

3. Get editors to proofread the manual.  Once the new material has
been written, we'll need everyone to jump in and help find those pesky
typos and other errors.

4. Get volunteers to take updated screenshots.  We'll use Quickshot to
update all of the screenshots in the manual.

5. Are there any changes to the book design that we should make?

6. What have I left off this list?

Thanks for all your hard work -- this manual wouldn't exist without your help!

--Kevin Godby

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