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Re: Full steam ahead!


2010/9/4 Benjamin Humphrey <humphreybc@xxxxxxxxx>

> Okay guys, typing this out rather quickly late on a Saturday night so bear
> with me if it doesn't make sense.
> Let's get shit going! We only have less than week till our intended writing
> freeze which doesn't give us much time to update the manual for Maverick!
> Now that we've had the Beta, user interface and feature freezes, we can be
> 99% sure a lot of the stuff will remain how it is, so let's get to work.
> Being the cool guy I am, I'm going to try to lead by example - tomorrow I'll
> pull the latest branch and start hacking away at each chapter.
> If someone could go through that pad (i've lost the link) of changes and
> report each one as a bug, targeted to maverick, that would be excellent.
> (Chris Woollard, Vish or nissh?) What else do we need to do.. here are some
> jobs. Claim them.
>    - Figure out who's still in the team and who's new to the team that
>    have been contributing this cycle and update the credits list
>    - Add more entries to the glossary (nissh!)
>    - Merge the terminal / security chapters (Kevin, looking at you)
>    - Quickshot team - what's the story? When can we start screenshotting?
>    - Someone needs to figure out translations and give us a report on
>    their status for Maverick
>    - Adnane has been working hard on the new Ubuntu Manual site which
>    should be done in time for October 10 (yay!), also, Brett Alton offered his
>    help, so he's going to work on the Quickshot site (double yay!)
>    - Thorsten - get to work on the title page, if we don't want a full
>    revamp, perhaps it could simply "evolve" somewhat. Evolution over
>    revolution, yes?
>    - When the writing freeze takes place we'll be doing mass crowd-source
>    style editing again - Josh Holland and Daker, make sure that bug reporting
>    form is working!
> Hate to sound bossy but we need to get a move on. I'll try to do the bulk
> of the writing changes and bug fixing in the text, if the team can take care
> of everything else around it.
> Go go go and *thank you so much!*
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> Benjamin Humphrey
> interesting.co.nz
> ohso.co
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> Writing freeze in less than a week ... hm it may seem good to translators
like me but the team doesn't have to do things in a hurry because of date.
Write a good "Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.10" with no plans for second
edition ;), the team was behind the schedule this time (i think) so the
freeze date can be adjusted properly.

Keep it up guys !