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Full steam ahead!


Okay guys, typing this out rather quickly late on a Saturday night so bear
with me if it doesn't make sense.

Let's get shit going! We only have less than week till our intended writing
freeze which doesn't give us much time to update the manual for Maverick!
Now that we've had the Beta, user interface and feature freezes, we can be
99% sure a lot of the stuff will remain how it is, so let's get to work.
Being the cool guy I am, I'm going to try to lead by example - tomorrow I'll
pull the latest branch and start hacking away at each chapter.

If someone could go through that pad (i've lost the link) of changes and
report each one as a bug, targeted to maverick, that would be excellent.
(Chris Woollard, Vish or nissh?) What else do we need to do.. here are some
jobs. Claim them.

   - Figure out who's still in the team and who's new to the team that have
   been contributing this cycle and update the credits list
   - Add more entries to the glossary (nissh!)
   - Merge the terminal / security chapters (Kevin, looking at you)
   - Quickshot team - what's the story? When can we start screenshotting?
   - Someone needs to figure out translations and give us a report on their
   status for Maverick
   - Adnane has been working hard on the new Ubuntu Manual site which should
   be done in time for October 10 (yay!), also, Brett Alton offered his help,
   so he's going to work on the Quickshot site (double yay!)
   - Thorsten - get to work on the title page, if we don't want a full
   revamp, perhaps it could simply "evolve" somewhat. Evolution over
   revolution, yes?
   - When the writing freeze takes place we'll be doing mass crowd-source
   style editing again - Josh Holland and Daker, make sure that bug reporting
   form is working!

Hate to sound bossy but we need to get a move on. I'll try to do the bulk of
the writing changes and bug fixing in the text, if the team can take care of
everything else around it.

Go go go and *thank you so much!*

Benjamin Humphrey


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