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Tonight's Meeting


Hi friends,

I regret that I'll be unable to attend this evening's scheduled
meeting.  I realize that this meeting is very important, and am
disappointed that my schoolwork will prohibit me from joining all of

Is anyone taking minutes?  I would love to get caught up on new
business by tomorrow, so I am in a position to begin helping with
10.10 in whatever ways necessary.  I am still happy to perform
editorial work on the release (or, rather, continue the work I have
been doing over the last week or so); however, I'm unsure about the
project's precise needs.  As Jamin has been fairly busy with other
projects (and rightfully so!), we editors are lacking a bit of
direction at the moment.  Hopefully we'll regain steam after today's

Thanks to you all.  I'm looking forward to working with you in another
exciting editorial cycle.


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