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This is not a coup



As has been obvious, we've been somewhat without direction for this
cycle. I fully appreciate that this is because Benjamin has had a busy
time at university. Personally, I am due to start university 2 weeks
today, so I'm sure that I will be just as busy when that gets underway.

What I am proposing is a "Release Manager" for each cycle. This is to
allow whoever is not busy to co-ordinate the
writing/editing/screenshotting of the manual each cycle without worrying
about upsetting the nominal project lead. The difference between the
Lucid and Maverick cycles has shown how important clear leadership is in
the production of such a complicated resource, and if at the start of a
cycle we can nominate someone who is definitely going to have the time
to devote to this critical job, I think we will get a much more reliably
high-quality publication.

I welcome your feedback on this idea and start the ball rolling by
nominating Ben for the Natty Release Manager.