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Re: Meeting Minutes


Hey guys, sorry I couldn't make the meeting, completely forgot, it's been a
bit hectic around here at the moment. All cycle has been pretty shit for me,
but that should change for the next cycle as it takes place during my 4
months off uni, so we'll be back to awesomeness like we were for the 10.04

I read through the logs, all sounds good, here's a few things:

   - We need to get the advanced section cleaned up asap (the two chapter
   - New title page? Thorsten, would be cool if you can get me something for
   the blog post on OMG! Ubuntu! - they like pictures. Also, Kevin, get that
   new colour style in there ASAP so I can take some screens for the blog post
   too. Once again, images are good for the OMG! audience =P
   - Re: screenshots and file size: we need to get it down a lot. A lot of
   screenshots currently are redundant, but then there are a lot of sections
   that probably need screenshots that aren't there. I think we'll probably end
   up with the same amount of screenshots for Maverick, but maybe a better and
   more relevant bunch than we currently have. This is fine, but if we want to
   get on the CD, we either have to pull some magic and get the file size down
   without cutting screenshots and content, or, we decide on just a couple of
   chapters and make a cut-down version for the Ubuntu CD only. I haven't heard
   back from Rick or the design team yet (they decide on the example content)
   but hopefully I can sweet talk Iain and Ivanka into getting it onto the CD
   last minute :)

Other than that, all good. Once again, sorry I haven't been around this
cycle, I just have too much stuff to do now that Uni is back and exams are
coming up fast.

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 11:29 AM, Kevin Godby <godbyk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I haven't looked into the pricing, but another option would be to use
> http://a.nnotate.com/.  You can upload the PDF to the site and have
> everyone annotate it via the website.  To add an annotation, you just
> highlight the text that needs correcting and add a note about what's
> wrong with it.  It works quite well.
> (There may be other similar sites, too.)
> --Kevin
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Benjamin Humphrey