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idots and version to translate


Now that we have reached the deadline for Maverick, we, Ubuntu Dutch Translators, will continue with the translation of the Ubuntu Manual. It is not quite clear to me whether we should first finish the Lucid-e1 (or e2?) version (total: 1659 strings), or leave that unfinished and continue with the Maverick version (total: 1647 strings). There is a great difference between the two. In the Lucid-e1 version 91% has been translated, while in the Maverick version it is only 69%. Do we have the same Launchpad bug here as with Lucid-e1 and Lucid-e2 (see my previous thread on this bug).

\menu{Play Disc\ldots}
\menu{Schijf \ldots afspelen}
In this example, I think \Idots will be replaced by the name of the disk, so \Idots is a variable. Perhaps you can explain \Idots in the style-guide (searching for Idots gave me 0 results).

Finally, I would like to know if it is possible to build the PDF file based on the 91% translated version of Lucid-e1. Reviewing the result in PDF format will inmediately show us what should be corrected (especially the LaTeX code).

Hannie Dumoleyn
Ubuntu Dutch Translators

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