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Wake up Project !


Hello, for some months the project is quite inactive. Chris is compiling the
latest pdfs with many bug fixes, but nothing goes further from what i know.
The screenshots aren't in place, we don't know if we can start translating
the content without the worry of translation loss. I don't know what should
be done to release this edition. Really do anyone know what is left to do,
who is in charge of doing it ?

Where is the energy of the project's community that i learned before 11
months ? I think, we have to set some goals after the edition of this
edition, that don't regard the editions of the manual (it's a bit of typical
process from now on) but the project's future.
For example, see who is in charge of a part of the project, future plans
(develop the whole Ubuntu Learning Center), find new community members etc.

So... firstly do anyone know what is exactly left to do, who is in charge of
doing it etc. ?

ps: All i want is a flourishing Ubuntu Manual Project, i don't blame anyone
and i don't want to -this isn't a "constructive" process-, we have to act
now and don't let the project dwindle.

Thank you for your time :)

aka c7p

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