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State of the team, Maverick manual, website, etc.


Hi dudes and dudettes,

Unfortunately this cycle has been a bit of a disaster. Everyone got
rather busy, I got very busy with University and work, and the team
just collapsed on itself. It's something that should have been
avoided, but we can't do anything about it now except look to the
future. We need to get this team up and running again - i'm sure we
all agree. So, that's what we're going to do. I'll write some articles
for OMG! etc, soon, but first I want to have a clear understanding of
where we are with a concise to do list and targets to hit.

Here's my understanding of the situation:

- The manual for 10.10 is not out. This is the biggest one. I believe
we still have all the screenshots to grab, a lot of new text to write
/ change, more copy-editing, the credits, glossary to update, new
title page, new colour style and more. I'll open up bugs/blueprints
for all of these and email the final list of each specific task to the
list later today, or tomorrow. Assign yourself to something you think
you can do, and start doing it.

Target date for the Maverick manual: End of October, at the very
latest, November 10th.

- Quickshot. We need Quickshot to crowdsource screenshots, but I
haven't heard from the QS team in a while. What's happening with that?
Is version 1.0 finished and ready to use? If not, could you hack up
something that we can use in the meantime?

Target date for Quickshot: ASAP

- The new Ubuntu Manual website. I know Adnane (daker) has been
working hard on the whole new website, which we agreed to launch
alongside the manual. This is the user-facing, front of our project -
it's what not only *readers* of the manual see, but also what the rest
of the Ubuntu community see. When we release this new, (absolutely
amazing) website it will represent a /new face/ for the project.
Kevin, you have the server that the current site is on. I need to
renew the domain name, which I think might have automatically
happened. I believe Josh might be hosting something on his VPS too.
Adnane, Kevin and Josh - communicate and get the website ready to
switch when we release the manual.

Target date for website: End of October or November 10th - same as the manual.

- Quickshot website for http://quickshot.org - I believe this is
already finished, just needs to go live.

Target date for Quickshot website: ASAP

- Ubuntu Support and Learning Center, Quickstart booklets, Personas.
We'll talk about these after we've got the manual out.

We need a meeting soon. Could someone please set up one of those
things where we can all mark times available and email it to the list?


Benjamin Humphrey

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