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Re: State of the team, Maverick manual, website, etc.


On Mon, 2010-10-25 at 08:47 +1300, Benjamin Humphrey wrote:
> Hi dudes and dudettes,

> - Quickshot. We need Quickshot to crowdsource screenshots, but I
> haven't heard from the QS team in a while. What's happening with that?
> Is version 1.0 finished and ready to use? If not, could you hack up
> something that we can use in the meantime?
> Target date for Quickshot: ASAP


Quickshot is finished to a working function enough for the manual and
has been for a while. We just need a decision on the screenshots that
are needed.

Sorry for my lack of time but work and scouting commitments had taken
most of my time. Hopefully I will have more time when I am back at uni
in a years.

Many Thanks

Luke Jennings